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This film is dedicated to Professor David D. Kpormakpor

Produced, Directed, and Written by
Jason Price

Jason Price

Additional Cinematography
Christopher Fraga
Steve Fletcher

Edited by
Jason Price

Additional Editing
Ya-Hsuan Huang

Ya-Hsuan Huang
Christopher Fraga

Additional Sound
Jon H. Manto
Damien Stankiewicz
Andrew Ventimigilia
Robert Y. Chang
Jason Price

Technical Support
Ya-Hsuan Huang
Cheryl Furjanic
Aaron Glass
Jeff Himpele

Produced in
The Program in Culture and Media
Department of Anthropology
New York University

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All content copyright © 2006
by Jason Price
All rights reserved
No reproduction without written permission




Thank you to the people of Park Hill
Jacob Massaquoi
Fanta Fofana
Bamba Toure
Moussa Toure
Ethan Asedo
Esther Sharpe
Ernest Cassel
Jennifer Brumskine
Rev. Nyenye
Rafia Tou Wilson
The First United Church of Christ

Special Thanks
Fanta Fofana
Jacob Massaquoi
Jon H. Manto
Ya-Hsuan Huang
Ashley Price
Kathi and Ken Price
Serena Chaudhry
Dr. Jack Saul
Faye Leone
Angela Jeffers
Amy Smiley
Ed Sherwood
Warren Stewart
Frank Wildermann
Joyce Jed
Arnold Wendroff
Lucas Bessire
Purcell Carson
Faye Ginsburg
Amali Ibrahim
Jonathan Kahana
Tobia Reu
Par Parekh
Sadia Shepard
April Strickland
Becca Howes-Mischel
Alex Huerta-Mercado